Meet the team.

Fizza Qureshi,Director

Fizza is the co-CEO of the Migrants' Rights Network.

Fizza joined MRN as the Director Designate in August 2016. She previously worked at the Terrence Higgins Trust for just over 3 years covering the London and East of England sexual health and HIV services. Before this, she worked as a Programme Manager for an international medical humanitarian organisation where she was responsible for its UK independent health clinic, and health advocacy programme supporting migrants to access healthcare.

Fizza has a degree in Human Rights and Social Change and Biotechnology. She has previously served as Board Member of MRN, the Institute of Race Relations and Healthwatch Newham.

Her interests include; immigration, race, music and travelling.

Sue Conlan,Director

Sue Conlan, recognised in the UK as a leading lawyer in the field of immigration, has joined Fountain Solicitors after returning to the UK following more than six years working as the CEO of the Irish Refugee Council in the Republic of Ireland.

Sue has specialised in nationality, immigration and asylum law, policy and practice for 30 years, both in NGOs and in private legal practice. During that time she has handled cases in the highest courts in the UK and to the European Court of Human Rights.

Sue has completed a PhD in the Politics Department at Sheffield University. Sue is keen to ensure that the barriers being erected between citizens and migrants are exposed and challenged.

Nick Clark,Director

During over 30 years of experience, I have taken part in trade union activity and research at most levels, from shop steward and national neogtiator in manufacturing to Policy Officer in the General Secretary's office of a major UK trade union. During this time I have developed a special interest in the extremes of employer exploiation and in the groups of workers against whom this is disproportionately directed. Since 2009 this interest has been focussed through academic research, albeit usually engaging with trade unions and migrant workers' organisation.

Ake Achi, Founder & Director

Ake  has worked as a trade union regional organiser. He is currently the Deputy General Secretary of the National Trade Union of the Security Officer of Cote d'Ivoire.

Ake holds a Bsc in International Relations and French and  a Master's degree in international human rights law.  He is training to become an employment and immigration lawyer 

He set up Migrants At Work Ltd because he realised that migrant and  British workers from BAME backgrounds are not getting the support they need  in the labour market as workers because  they are being organised as migrant or BAME workers instead of workers. 


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