The Community integration Awards

"Judges were impressed by Migrants At Work's impact and achievements, especially with a very small budget. The organisation is filling a pressing gap in access to information and rights-based support, at a time when Trade Unions are facing a tremendous amount of pressure. The Community Integration Awards commends Migrants At Work's inclusive and dynamic response to Covid-19, adapting the project to respond to pressing needs on the ground. In the context of more migrants and BAME workers being driven into exploitation, working at the forefront of the pandemic and at great risk, this work becomes only more important." 

Daniel FLEISCHER-AMBRUS, European External Action Service, EU citizens' rights program leader

The EU delegation in the UK

"MaW has been drawing our and the Network's attention to pertinent issues with regard to EU citizens and their family members. This was largely done in the context of the implementation of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, but also beyond. We continue to look forward working with Migrants at Work both to map any systemic issues around the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement (applications, exercising of rights granted by the Withdrawal Agreement)."


Casework Client

"There is a lot of problems in such situations, and people simply quit instead of arguing for their rights - because of lack of information of what are your rights, and due to language barriers. Because of receiving the information that I have a right to work from Aké, my employers were forced to re-hire me. Because I had a backbone with a lot of information of what I have the right to stand for

Christopher Benn

Seraphus Solicitors /pecial advisor to the European Delegation in the UK/ EU Citziens rights monitoring network

"MaW's contributions to the EU delegation's EU citizen's rights monitoring network has added to other organisations' understanding of the issues around the Right to Work check - for instance, EU Embassies. The fact he's been raising this issue will have provided a lot of useful understanding to people who might not have been familiar with it previously... Their contribution to this network is very valuable for understanding what's happening on the ground. EU citizens come of many races and creeds, that can impact on treatment. The network needed to hear that, making it more nuanced. [MaW's contribution has had] a good impact for that discussion.From migrants employment perspective - whenever I talk to someone who has been discriminated against - I don't know where to send them. If I had an issue with [immigration related workplace discrimination/ right to work checks], he would be the person I'd talk to... They do good work.

Biniam Haddish

Eritrean Community leader

"Ake's session about the right to work for refugee and migrants came to my community at the right time. The first session was in Feb 2020 seminar where around 75 people attended. That was very clear and attendees asked a lot of questions. The second session was in Zoom during the time people were getting reduced from industries because of the impact of COVID-19. Most people attend both seminars and more come for support and yes people understand what their rights are. And it helps me also where to send when a query on right to work comes from my community. E.g. I got a phone call recently about an employee where their employer (agent) stop calling her for work after they find out she is pregnant. So it was easy for me where to refer this person to... Ake."



"It enables us to have [the Right to Work issue] in the back of our minds. We started recently a volunteer network - and will recruit more in the future. It is important information for people in the future. Since I've had this session, I could sign post, and if it is to do with work I would refer to MaW."

Service Client

"Through all this - 2 months and 18 days - ten days before I met Ake I was alone fighting but feeling like... naked hand fighting, against a weaponed one. When I met Aké, all things was clear for me what I have to do, what is my rights, and why I have to fight that to not terminate me. We lack a lot of information. Especially at work. Even though it is our rights, even though we know it, we don't gain it. I appealed again, and they rehired me straight away, because I had a backbone with a lot of info. Ake was so helpful and precise"

Christopher Benn

Seraphus Solicitors /pecial advisor to the European Delegation in the UK/ EU Citziens rights monitoring network 

"From a migrant's employment perspective - whenever I talk to someone who has been discriminated against - it is difficult to know where to signpost people as there are not many organisations who are able to help. If I had an issue with immigration related workplace discrimination, Aké would be the person I'd talk to... They do good work. Christopher Benn, Seraphus Solicitors / EU Delegation's EU Citizens rights monitoring network "

Tabatha Pinto

Trainee Solicitor, Refugee Action (on secondment from Clifford Chance) 

"It's more difficult than I initially realised to find people with this intersecting expertise, though immigration issues rarely stand-alone - if you have an issue with status you often face legal difficulties in other parts of your life. There's a lot of people who are brilliant employment or immigration lawyers, but not many who are experienced in working at this intersection. He's the only person I know who is doing this kind of thing - he is quite unique from what I can see."

Service user

Hello , you alright? Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me to win my appeal again my dismissal from my company Mancommercial. Without winning that applied my wife wouldn't be able to get the visa because I would be out of work. So once again thank u so much my wife end up getting the visa, we both are really greatful for ur help an she is looking forward seeing u .


March 2021