What do we do?


Intervention implemented before the causative risk factors develop.

We offer training and education to prevent, limit or reduce migrant workers' exposure to the host country's labour migration policy that induces us into slavery and slavery-like practices. This includes workshops, seminars, and training sessions for both migrants and the wider community.

1- We train our community members to navigate the complex immigration/ employment/ equality and human rights laws in the UK.

2- We upskill frontline charitable organisations and advisers by delivering legal services to strengthen their capacity to protect and advocate for the rights of their service users.

3- We train statutory agencies in labour migration laws and inform them on how to engage with People With Lived Experience

4- We educate academics on the challenges facing People With Lived Experience


Intervention implemented before evidence of a position of vulnerability has emerged.

We promote, advocate for and Improve immigration and work-related activities and mechanisms that present a risk to migrant workers' personal health and safety; prevent and eliminate poor employment practices; inform our community members about the arrangements that are available to protect us; ensuring systems are in place for early intervention.

1- We provide representation at work ( disciplinary and grievance hearing meetings)

2- We provide representation in court via our qualified immigration and employment advisers and lawyers partners.


Creating system change through community organising

"our desire for immediate change can cause us to become indifferent and accept concessions at the expense of our end goals. Equity for migrants and racialised people cannot be achieved through our current systems. They are inherently racist and colonial in nature, and so there is no fixing what is purposefully designed to oppress"( Migrants Rights Network assessment of the migration sector)

We advocate for People With Lived Experience to lead in the anti-trafficking sector to bring about the change we want to see.

1- We create opportunities for People with Lived Experience to develop the mechanisms and services to facilitate the active involvement of their communities in policies and programming.

2- We Create a robust case for change

3- We develop policies that facilitate and reinforce systemic change in the best interest of People with Lived experience

4- We aim to Shift culture, mindsets and behaviours in the anti-trafficking sector

5- We create disruptive innovations through our lived experiences

Research and Policy Development:

Community research and policy development are integral components of our work.

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