Meet the team

Board of Directors

Fizza Qureshi, Director

Fizza is the co-CEO of the Migrants' Rights Network. Fizza joined MRN as the Director Designate in August 2016. She previously worked at the Terrence Higgins Trust for just over 3 years covering the London and East of England sexual health and HIV services. Before this, she worked as a Programme Manager for an international medical humanitarian organisation where she was responsible for its UK independent health clinic, and health advocacy programme supporting migrants to access healthcare. Fizza has a degree in Human Rights and Social Change and Biotechnology. She has previously served as Board Member of MRN, the Institute of Race Relations and Healthwatch Newham. Her interests include; immigration, race, music and travelling.

Dr. Sue Conlan,Director

Sue Conlan has specialised in immigration and asylum law, practice and policy, in the UK and Ireland, for over 35 years, both in NGOs and in private legal practice. Sue is the director of TACTIC, a Community Interest Company, which aims to be strategic in its support for people who are seeking asylum or have no legal immigration status in the UK. This is done by providing easily-accessible training, consultancy, and by conducting research.

Nick Clark, Director

During over 30 years of experience, I have taken part in trade union activity and research at most levels, from shop steward and national negotiator in manufacturing to Policy Officer in the General Secretary's office of a major UK trade union. During this time I have developed a special interest in the extremes of employer exploitation and in the groups of workers against whom this is disproportionately directed. Since 2009 this interest has been focussed through academic research, albeit usually engaging with trade unions and migrant workers' organisation.  

Nick leads the Unpaid Britain project 

Rohit Dara, Director

I am an enthusiastic, flexible and resourceful individual and was a Branch Secretary for a leading trade union. I have been involved with recruitment and organising initiatives and campaigns, training and developing stewards, undertaking case work, and advising, supporting and mentoring branch officers and stewards in representation and negotiation.
I am currently working for a leading charity helping people from all walks of life. I am very keen to help and support Migrants At Work.

Staff and volunteers

Ake Achi, Founding Chief Executive

Ake is a former child labourer. He has worked as a trade union regional organiser in the UK for a number of years. He is currently the Deputy General Secretary of the National Trade Union of the Security Officers of Cote d'Ivoire. Ake holds a BSc in International Relations and French and a Master's degree in international human rights law. He is training to become an employment and immigration lawyer. He set up Migrants At Work Ltd because he realised that migrant and British workers from BAME backgrounds are not getting the support they need in the labour market as workers because they are being organised as migrant or BAME workers, instead of workers.   

YaĆ«lle Latevi Lawson - Tanniou,  Business and human rights officer.

First-year law and international relations student at SOAS. She is French and Togolese. Growing up in the UK and France, witnessing the clear inequalities for Black EU citizens, sparked interest in the world of human rights and activism. She is an aspiring human rights lawyer. 

Sylvie Copley, Campaign officer, Asylum seekers strand

Sylvie started working with vulnerable adults at university where she was campaigning, fundraising and raising awareness around the homeless community in Manchester. After a few months of volunteering with youth refugees in Greece, she focused her attention on supporting migrants. She is currently working part-time as an advisor with victims of trafficking and Modern Slavery as well as a project coordinator working on various projects supporting the perception of migrants in the UK at Migrant Help. She is also completing an MSc in Humanitarian Aid and Development with the hopes of using her practical experience and theoretical knowledge to advocate for the rights of workers, specifically refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

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