Vision and mission


International law prohibits states from using forced labour as a method of mobilising and using labour for purposes of economic development. We inspire to end state-sponsored trafficking.

Our mission statement

To identify and assess our community members' vulnerability to work crimes and build up their individual and collective capacity to self-organise to dismantle the legal rules that create lawful human trafficking processes and systemic injustices. 


Our approach 


It is a lived experience term we have developed. The idea of ethiquitable engagement calls for relationships that are based on human rights principles and support justice, respect, and equality. The understanding emphasises respectful cooperation that upholds fundamental rights and recognises the inherent worth of everyone engaged. This idea prioritises considering how decisions affect human rights, encouraging accountability and empathy. It creates a climate of fairness and respect where the various viewpoints and needs of everyone are honoured by promoting ethical and equitable action.

Self- determination

The anti-trafficking sector is colonised by surrogate advocates, white people and others who do not have lived experience. Yet, believe that they are best placed to advocate for our rights because we are allegedly too broken by traffickers to speak for ourselves.  Self-determination denotes the legal right of people to decide their own destiny.  It is the duty of Self-Organised Lived Experience advocates to advocate for People With Lived(PWLE)in the international and domestic anti-trafficking policy and programming. 

The best interest of the community

Any act done or decision made for PWLEs must be done or made in the best interests of PWLEs in line with human rights principles. 

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