Asylum seekers: Permission to work

Those who claim asylum in the UK are not normally allowed to work whilst their claim is being considered. They are instead provided with accommodation and support to meet their essential living needs if they would otherwise be destitute. The Home Office's policy and immigration rules make clear that the Home Office may grant permission to work to asylum seekers whose claim has been outstanding for more than 12 months through no fault of their own. Under this policy, those who are allowed to work are restricted to jobs on the shortage occupation list published by the Home Office. Any permission to work granted will come to an end if their claim is refused and any appeals rights are exhausted because at that point, they are expected to leave the UK. Those who are granted leave have unrestricted access to the labour market.

Unfortunately, in practice,  those who are granted permission to work are prevented from working because of the barriers imposed on them by the digital right-to-work checks and the DBS  checks. 

Contact: Sylvie Copley, Campaign officer, Asylum seekers strand

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